World’s costliest keepers

In the space of little more than 12 months between the summers of 2018 and 2019, the world transfer record for a goalkeeper was eclipsed on three separate occasions.

Not so strange in today’s climate, unless you consider the fact the previous record prior to that triumvirate of transfers had stood for 16 years.

Suddenly, goalkeepers were on a par with football’s most-wanted elite. And while the following list pales in comparison to a top 15 of captures for outfield players, the foundations have finally been set.

Give it another couple of seasons and this particular quiz will look completely different.

For now, you’ve got five minutes to name the stoppers to have warranted the largest fees in football history. (CLUE: The earliest, No13, dates back to 2000.)

Tweet us your score @GKUnion.

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