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Welcome to GKU

New site. New start.

We come to you with a rebrand amidst a global pandemic.

Perhaps not the wisest time to recalibrate and pitch our new and improved platform we’re hoping will change the perception of goalkeeping forever and beyond.

Or perhaps it is the perfect time. Who knows? Let’s see how we get on.

For now, welcome (back) to The Goalkeepers’ Union: effectively referred to as GKU in some quarters and as #GKUnion throughout the Twittersphere.

Our goal (or save, for that matter) is to furnish the world with regular goalkeeping news, blogs and features while bringing the GKU (see what we did there?) closer together than ever before.

Weekly podcasts comprise of a special goalkeeper guest who runs us through his or her career and – once football has returned – an analysis of all the key goalkeeping action from the week.

GKUTV offers more visible action with selected clips from training grounds throughout the country and further one-on-one interviews via our Instagram Live platform.

There’s also a soon-to-be, first-ever GKU Directory (at least the first we know of, that is). This consists of a comprehensive list of goalkeeper coaches throughout the UK. Simply navigate to your area and find your coach. Job done.

If you’d like even more from your goalkeeping fix (we’re talking ad-free content, exclusive interviews, complete archives of all Instagram Live chats, gloves discounts and more) we’ll soon be launching our Patreon. For as little as £3 a month, you can be an official member of our Goalkeepers’ Union. We might just throw in a free gift along the way, too.

See you between the sticks.


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