Are you a professional goalkeeper coach? If so, read on.

Yes, you can proudly boast to having one of the greatest jobs in the world. Working in football, with goalkeepers, day-to-day.

Living it. Breathing it. Building up to the crescendo of a matchday.

You wouldn’t swap it for anything, but perhaps you might consider how you can make more of the position you’re in.

Maximising potential not just in yourself, but in the role as a whole. Listening, learning and relating to others, namely fellow goalkeeper coaches of the same mindset.

The Goalkeepers’ Union exists to serve as exactly that: a union.

Therefore, we’re inviting all 92 goalkeeper coaches throughout the four tiers of English football to join us on a journey of professional, social and, more importantly, self-development.

Our Coaches’ Club aims to help provide you with the necessary information, tools and resources you may not have previously considered. Ranging from reasonable wage expectations to expanding your role on the training ground, we want to bring goalkeeper coaches together and move goalkeeper coaching forward.

How we plan to do this

Initially, we’ll host a monthly call either via Zoom or Clubhouse. Each call will feature a special guest offering their advice and expertise on a specific subject. As the months go on, subjects discussed can be requested, as can the desire to be that month’s special guest.

Have an idea you want to discuss? Is there a burning question you want to ask? Great. It’s all you. The more involvement, the better. This is a union, after all.

A WhatsApp group will also be created, which you will be added to upon request. This will strictly be for the 92 goalkeeper coaches currently working in the Premier League and EFL.

How you get involved

Simple. Drop us a line on 07503 673020. We’ll add you to the WhatsApp group and away we go.

Feedback and suggestions are encouraged. We are here purely to create a platform for goalkeeper coaches to share, to develop and to upskill. You are the guys running the show.

If you you think we can improve the service in any way, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Feel free to contact us on 07503 673020 or via email